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COLOR LIP TINT PACK 미즈온 칼라 립 틴트 팩

Lip tint that doesn’t need retouching and keeps the color on your lips for a day!

-Spend 10 minutes and you won’t need retouching and get vivid lips.

One day tattoo pack! – After peeling off, the color will stay for 12 hours.

True color lasting – The color formula will coat your lips with its color once it is applied and even after peeling off, it will give you the vivid color lips.

No smudging and easy to use! – Unlike lipstick or lip gloss, our product is without any smudging and therefore is easy for you to color your lips.%ec%b9%bc%eb%9d%bc-%eb%a6%bd%ed%8b%b4%ed%8a%b8-%ed%8c%a9-%ec%83%81%ec%84%b8


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