Correct Essential Activator


Size 100ml

Made in Korea


미즈온 코렉트 에센셜 액티베이터


*This is Mist-typed First Essence layered of skin and essentializer(essence + moisturizer) and supplies water and nutrition

to the skin in the first step.

*New concept double layered forming 7:3 Golden Ratio of moisturizing and nutrition supply formula, normalizes collapsed

skin oil and water balance and keeps healthy skin.

*On the upper layer, it uses birch sap instead of water, adjusts and maintains collapsed oil and water balance and on the

lower layer together with whitening, wrinkle functional components rare plants for luster and elasticity assist aging care.

*After swaying double layered formula of upper and lower layer,spray mist type evenly for effective components to be

absorbed in the skin effectively and to be maintained freshly,then it maximizes the functional activation ability.

*When using it before or after makeup, it keeps smooth skin texture, presents higher density, and maintains a perfect skin

condition for a long time.

*It contains the extract of rare plants of the desert like cactus flower etc.and present luster skin, enhances resistance ability

from outside stimulus and grows a tight skin.

*plant sedative components and organic berry components protect the skin from oxidation and sedate the skin stimulated

by harmful environment.

*It contains a great deal of plant moisturizing oil like argan oil etc, form water protective film and present moist and luster

skin for a long time.

미즈온 코렉트 에센셜 액티베이터


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