Black Clean Up Pore Deep Cleanser


Size 120ml 

Made in Korea



-A 2 IN 1 Scrub foam cleanser that removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores all at once

  1. A 2 IN 1 cleanser that takes care of exfoliating and deep cleansing in one go – Gets rid of waste, make-up residue, and dead cells in your pores as well as providing a moisture layer as you rinse your face with lukewarm water, leaving you with clean and moisturized skin.
  2. Charcoal and Dead Sea Salt scrub – The mineral – rich dead sea salt scrub can care for your skin without irritating it with scratches due to its fine size, and the charcoal powder that’s smaller than the size of pores absorbs any waste.
  3. Smart directions unique to Mizon – You can lather it in your hands and use it as a cleanser as usual, or you can use it as a scrub by applying it onto an area that’s bothering you with blackheads and rubbing it in without lathering.%eb%b8%94%eb%9e%99-%ed%81%b4%eb%a6%b0%ec%97%85-%ed%8f%ac%ec%96%b4-%eb%94%a5-%ed%81%b4%eb%a6%b0%ec%a0%80-%ec%83%81%ec%84%b8


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