Correct Combo Cream


Size  45ml

Made in Korea


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미즈온 코렉트 콤보 크림/Mizon Correct Combo Cream

This is a smart all-in-one day cream that cares skin inside and the texture of skin surface simultaneously.

The main moisturizing ingredient birch sap is used instead of water and Ceramide. Birch sap is concentrated

into small moleculars and infiltrates into the skin, adjusting water balance of dry skin, getting rid of the wrinkles,

providing whitening and aging care.

A high molecular micro color capsule breaks off on the surface of the skin and covers dull skin tone, protecting skin from

UV and other macro forces.

[SPF 25 / PA ++]

Mizon Correct Combo Cream is filled with moisture. It does not feel heavy on the skin while restoring its natural tone and

its natural glow.

It covers skin convexo-concave, pores, and irregular skin texture through smooth luster and presents tight makeup with

elastic fitting power.

The twist-sealed vessel prevents oxidation of the content and outside pollution, maintaining freshness during the use.

The specially designed vessel prevents the inner color capsule from being broken, adjusting the quantity of the use it properly without waste.

How to Use

1. Follow the arrow and turn the vessel until the right amount of Mizon Correct Combo Cream is ready to be used.

2. Using your hands, rub Mizon Correct Combo Cream gently onto your skin, massaging it thoroughly until the color matches your skin color.

3. For more coverage, repeat the process.

4. For better use, apply Mizon CC Activator before using Mizon Correct Combo Cream.

미즈온 코렉트 콤보 크림



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