Enjoy Vital-Up Mask[Whitening Mask]


Size 30ml

Made in Korea 

If you buy 10, get 2 free.



If you buy 10, get 2 free.


Easy and convenient care of skin time with Enjoy Vital- Up Time ‘Whitening mask’ for a clean and clear skin.

1.Evenly tone dull skin – White flower complex is known to have effects on dull skin issues; It helps brighten and improve the skin tone.

2.Vital essence brings vitality to skin – Mizon’s vital essence offers a healthier skin care. A bottle full of lavish essence is brought to your skin.

3.Sheet with excellent absorbency – Microfiber sheet with excellent absorbency delivers profuse amount of essence to the skin.

How to Use –

1.Use skin toner on cleansed face and take out the mask.

2.Place and attach mask on the face centered around the eyes.

3.Take off the mask after 10~20 minutes and pat the remaining essence until completely absorbed.

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