Men’er energetic skin care set


Men’er energetic charcoal forming cleanser30ml X 2ea

Men’er energetic fresh water 150ml

Men’er energetic power essential moisturizer 80ml

Made in Korea



Man specially line restoring skin confidence by charging Black Energy in rough and coarse men’s skin.

Men’er energetic charcoal forming cleanser

[2,000mg of charcoal powder contained]

-Oak tree charcoal powder removes problem causing dead skin and skin wastes deep within pores, leaving your face clean and trouble free.


Men’er energetic fresh water power

-Refreshing energetic water with its manly scent soothes skin after shaving and keeps skin fresh all day long by controlling excessive sebum.


Men’er energetic power essential moisturizer

[Certified for Whitening & Wrinkle care] – The formula smoothing rough skin by delivering rich hydration and absorbs easily without stickiness.



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